You are volunteering for Field Day

Date: May 21, 2019

AM - 9 AM - 12 PM  Grades 3-5

PM - 12:30 PM - 3:30 PM  Grades K-2

Lunch will be provided to all day volunteers only.

Chairperson: Stephanie Prosnik (email:, phone: )
All Day Volunteer (lunch provided)
(10 filled, 24 still needed)
AM Volunteer
(23 filled, 7 still needed)
PM Volunteer
(29 filled, 5 still needed)

Current Volunteers

All Day Volunteer (lunch provided) (10 of 34 filled)

Heather Balas
Tiffany Vinson
Barb olcott
I have to leave at 2 pm
Jason Prosnik
Dana Donley
Craig Donley
Felicia Kastle
Morgan Cruz
Please place me with Monique Vaughn in PM
Kelli A Tolman
Robyn Latimer

AM Volunteer (23 of 30 filled)

Tiffany Vinson
I previously signed up as all-day and need to switch to AM only.
Jennifer Hammond
If possible, please partner me with Jennifer Cantor.
Jennifer Cantor
Vicki Potter
Truli Powell
Audrey Beacom
Kelli Martin
Melissa Colucci-Hayes
Neetu Singh
AM- couple of hours and PM- couple of hours
Julie Couchman
Asha Jha
Both Am and Pm for couple of hours
Laiken Guider
Seana Espy
Stephanie Hennegan
Jo Milliner
Tara Mellis
If possible, please place me with Emily Green on a station.
Melody Nell
Julie Quandt
Leanne Hegler
Samantha Michael
Jen Morgan
Traci Leopold
Emily Green
I would like to work an activity with Tara Mellis if possible. Thanks!

PM Volunteer (29 of 34 filled)

Anna Robinson
Please put me with Caitlin Schmidt
Caitlin Schmidt
Please put me with Anna Robinson
Adrian Boysel
Kristen Kelly
Please put me with Kathy Nelson
Monique Vaughn
Sheree Cortijo
Nicole Shepherd
Sue Huffman
Snow cone with Lesley Smiley
Kathy Nelson
Joel Colyer
Jill Van Buskirk
Anne Seghi
Rachel Smieszek
Mark Huffman
Lesley Smiley
Snow cones with Sue Huffman
Madhavi Gujja
Tony Canovi
Asha Jha
Both Am and Pm for couple of hours
Neetu Singh
AM- couple of hours and PM- couple of hours
Emily Ellis
Yiyuan Ava Liu
Saveetha Mothi
Shrithy Dulipyata
Steve Acker
Angela Felice
Denise Beck
Amanda Acker
Kylie Cole